Ein erfolgreicher Etsy-Shop – so gehts!

Beim ersten Etsy-Verkäufer-Lab im Atelierladen erklärte April von Raw Lux Gems anhand ihrer Erfahrungen, wie ein etsy-Shop erfolgreich werden kann. Es waren gebündelte zwei Stunden Wissen für die Teilnehmer, und die Erkenntniss, dass erfolgreich sein durchaus einiges an Arbeit mit sich zieht.

Hier sind Aprils Top 15 Tipps für einen erfolgreichen online-Shop bei Etsy:
1. Attractive, clear, artful photos
Make sure to use Photoshop or Microsoft Editing program to edit, crop and adjust for lighting and color, for an optimum look that customers will want to click onto.

2. Descriptive headlines
Using good clear information in your descriptions. Be personable and say what your inspiration was when making the item. Giving needed details from a customer’s perspective, like sizes it can be made in, colors and materials used.

3. Renewing listings
Adding new item listings daily, at least 3-4 times a day. This helps keep your items close to the top when customers are searching for what they are looking for.

4. Using „Treasuries“
Treasuries are a grouping of items on Etsy that are selected by a signed in member of Etsy. Usually put together and grouped by color and or a certain theme you can have your items featured in. Commenting on treasuries you are in and making your own treasuries will draw more attention to your shop. Even commenting on one’s you are not featured in can draw traffic to your shop.

5. Joining teams
Teams are good for networking and for networking with other people to make treasuries including your items, the members give useful tips and answers about your Etsy shop or business questions. Pick teams you feel you have time to dedicate to what they will expect from you and that you have similar interests with.

6. Positioning your items in your shop
Rearranging your shop to show your best work and to show it in the way you feel best helps sell your items. By color or maybe style.

7. Pricing
Make sure you’re pricing to pay for your time and supplies you use to make each item, on top of taxes and expenses. Also price appropriately to cover all of your shipping costs.

8. SEO
Search Engine Optimization – This means using the best key words that you could imagine a customer would put in as a search to find your items.

9. Social media
Facebook, newsletters, blogs, Twitter, Pintrest and contacting other bloggers to ask to be featured on their blogs and ways to draw customers to your shop and buy. There is more information about how to go about doing this in the Etsy forums and Help section on Etsy, or even a Google Search.

10. Using Apps
These can be found online in a Google search to help find apps that can help you use the Etsy website to best suit your needs, like Etsy on Sale, this is an App that allows you to put all of your items in your shop on sale at once and highlights those items so the customers can see it more clearly or find your sale in a search.

Useful Etsy Applications:

11. Commenting on the Etsy blog posts, features and treasuries and front page treasuries
These features can bring more traffic to your page, but only if you have an eye catching icon that would peaks someone’s interest to click on it and view your shop.

12. Forums
Lots of good information you can get from other Etsy sellers and administers or if you just want to chat with other Etsy sellers about issues involving handmade or the Etsy website.

13. Activity feed and shop statistics
This information is vital to knowing where the traffic is coming from in your shop, as well as what they are looking at in your shop and items they favorite. I check it several times a day. This information comes from Google analytics and Etsy stats, make sure to sign up for a free Google analytics account to use this feature properly.

14. Getting involved in craft and artisan markets
Participating in these markets help to boost your business and draw customers you’ve met there, to your web page. Have plenty of business cards to hand out with your website link and Etsy web link printed on it.

15. Shipping Notifications and Customer Service
Be prompt and communicate with your customers about when the purchase was sent and links to tracking information for the package.

Vielen vielen Dank an April für den tollen und informativen Abend!


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(Text: SR/ April McGee-Ries, Video: etsy, Bilder: SR)

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